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Baleful Boglet Bounders

Baleful Boglet Bounders

Baleful Boglet Bounders


Boglets usually group in squads of between 6 and 10 beings; lead by a peer who has the greatest reputation for combining spite and irony.  The ability to think up and create new demeaning treatment of their friends and foe alike determines the success of each squad.  Boglets if anything, are adaptive and experimental, using whatever is at hand to be their weapon of choice.


In this set, they use a variety of 'tools' to exercise their malice and malevolence, some designed to incapacitate their foe, others designed to purely humiliate.  Boglets, their height usually no more than an adult man's leg, will use attacks that are either high-level, or play to their strengths at lower levels; snappers with Boglet lancers are part of the 'and' world, the lance targets the enemy's upper-torso, and the snapper targets the lower;  one bight can easily sever a leg from a man, however they are often trained to attack softer regions.  Snappers have powerful legs, and can be trained to jump, sometimes Boglets have been known to use them a bit like bouncing-sticks and bouncing balls, riding them with glee.


Word is that some Boglet Baddasses are being created later this year;  these are irksome creatures who care very little for any form of public decency and honour.  They are the most-ignoblest of life-forms, with their sole aim to humiliate others, and to be repulsive.  Kevin will rue the day these beggars were spawned on his workbench ....


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  • 8 Baleful Boglet Bounders

All our miniatures are lead free!

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