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Treadmill of Hubris - Standard

Treadmill of Hubris - Standard

Treadmill of Hubris - Standard


As we all know, Dwarfs love their ale; and in this, they have a weakness, and often come a cropper.  The treadmill of hubris is a true demonstration of this.


The backdrop is that the goblins (in this case, Boglets, a small variant of goblin, that takes delight in trickery, cunning, and humiliation of their foe), having discovered a couple of Dwarfs drunk next to their barrel of ale, captures and enslaves them.  It is normal for Boglets to use the Dwarfs own barrel of beer as the cornerstone of their enslavement, and they do this with great mirth and delight in what the Boglets have coined, the Treadmill of Hubris.


It is a simple story; upon capture, the Dwarfs plead for their live, and seemingly being magnanimous the Boglets agree on the basis that they will commit to being slaves until their barrel of ale has become exhausted and the Dwarfs have fully sobered up.  The Boglets then use the barrel as the treadmill and lash the Dwarfs to a control bar to support them as they ‘tread’.


Unbeknownst to the Dwarfs, the Boglets urinate in the barrel to keep it topped up (apparently 5 Boglets can produce sufficient urine so as to perpetually feed the Dwarfs – there is some science behind this, but that is another story). The Boglets add some strange fungi to the brew and produce a slightly hallucinogenic and intoxicating liquid that fool the Dwarfs into believing it is their ale.


The Boglets have no intention of ever letting their foe go….. Over the following weeks and sometimes months, the Boglets pimp-up their Treadmill wagon, and in this case it has a grinder and smasher; the team of Boglets are using snappers to encourage the Dwarfs when moving at ‘battle-speed’, and some other Boglets use a dung-barrel to dump onto their foe in battle.


We don’t know what happens to the Dwarfs, they usually only last a couple of months; the Boglets either capture a new brace of Dwarfs, or dump the wagon.  Given the stature of the Dwarfs in this image, they are clearly new to the treadmill, cursing each other for not pulling their weight and for snoozing whilst drinking ale, thus causing their capture.  The Hubris bit is so the Boglets can have another laugh at the expense of the Dwarfs … Dutch courage an’ all.  Dwarfs are way-too-proud and over-confident to be left without a Boglet ribbing.


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Product Description

18 Piece Set Including:

  • Treadmill + Dwarfs
  • 4 Wheels
  • 4 Wheel Spikes

All our miniatures are lead free!

Painting/Building Instructions Coming Soon...........

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