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Wily Waggeries

Wily Waggeries

Wily Waggeries


A little known fact of wizards is that their pointed hats are very precious to them; besides their quarterstaff, a wizard's hat is considered what defines the person who wears it.  And boy, don’t the goblins all know this !!!  As part of inciting and goading wizards, Boglets will try, often to their demise, to target the wizards hat in an attack.  If they ever get hold of it, they will often urinate in the bearded-ones favourite clothing.  Wizards are not as liberal as one may believe, and will become incensed by this act and will often go berserk, killing the Boglets in an instance.  However the Boglets don’t really care, the humour and insult are well worth the consequence; their names often become legendary and part of Boglet folklore.


As for the wizard who has the misfortune of losing their hat, their peers sometime offer great support in dealing with the emotional upset, but their reputation can be irreparably tarnished.


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Product Description

3 Piece Set Includes :

  • 4 Wily Waggeries

All our miniatures are lead free!

Painting/Building Instructions Coming Soon...........

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