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About GoblinMaster

For over 35 years Kevin Adams has been producing original and high-quality miniatures, building up an amazing following and reputation especially around goblins.

In recent times Kevin has helped friends and compatriots establish businesses all around the world using his reputation and design skills; however this has sometimes come at a price. This price is that Kevin has been commissioned to produce figures as described by others, as opposed to being totally creative in terms of originality. 

Goblinmaster Limited has been created to be dedicated to return Kevin’s creative modelling to the original ethos of high-quality products that have humorous and quirky elements, that are true to the fantasy gaming community. Kevin is a major shareholder of the new business and may eventually become Kevin’s sole vehicle for conceptualising, designing and delivering his artwork. Keep an eye out for the Goblinmaster copyright as this will now become Kevin’s unadulterated brand, where quality and originality can be safeguarded.

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